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If you happen to require a simple yet efficient screen recorder and editor, SmartPixel is an excellent option to consider. It can capture your webcam video and desktop activity, making it a stunning tool for creating tutorials and producing in-game recordings. Its editing capabilities will let you add creative effects to your videos, from static text, speech bubbles, and borders to animated scenes and pendants.

The program’s black attractive interface is – most importantly – intuitive and easy to navigate. You can move from the two recording options (screen and webcam) to the video editor in just one click, and save, manage, export, and share your recordings in an easy and effective way. Recording video is an equally straightforward operation regarding the source selected. Screen recording requires you to define whether you wish to record the entire screen or just a specific area, while webcam recordings can be embellished on the fly by adding any of the various effects and beautifying options provided. However, once you have finished your recordings, you can always move them to the in-built timeline editor for further tuning.

The video editing tools that SmartPixel offers allow you to add a personal and creative touch to your tutorials, webcam videos, and game recordings. You can add speech bubbles with funny explanations, subtitles, music soundtracks, a wide variety of video effects, animations, etc. Editing your videos is an easy and intuitive task thanks to its timeline-based interface. Here you can apply the various effects, audio tracks, and text streams just by dragging and dropping them into the timeline, and use your mouse to move quickly and accurately back and forth through your video. You can easily check any of the changes using the program’s preview window, and make as many corrections or improvements as necessary in no time.

Once you are happy with the results, you can either export your video as an MP4 or AVI high-quality video file, a WPC file (SmartPixel proprietary format), or as a GIF animation. Alternatively, you can share your videos directly to Facebook, Twitter, or your Google account without leaving the program. As you can see, the possibilities are endless, and you won’t easily find a simpler and more intuitive screen and webcam recording and editing tool – at least, not with such a high level of versatility and flexibility.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Intuitive interface.
  • Excellent post-editing features.
  • Captures full-screen videos or selected areas.
  • Webcam recording.
  • Allows you to add karaoke-like lyrics to your videos.
  • Lets you share your videos to social networks


  • None
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Lily Thomas

Lily Thomas This program won't let me fine tune my video. It only allows you to delete a 30 second period. It also won't pause when I tell it to. I click pause, it keeps recording when it says it's paused. I'm a new YouTuber, and it's not working for me. I admit I'm a rookie with tech but thought this was simple.

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Guest Thanks for mentioning the watermark, may be, I should try another software.

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Guest It's a nice program. Maybe it does not contain spyware,
maybe it is spyware as it remotely took my valid license code and reset it to a 5-minute trial!
They also put a link in the program offering to exchange for a new license code,
but the SmartPixel website failed to deliver a new code!

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Guest It's frustratingly laggy. The preview function for the editing screen will buffer the entire video before actually jumping to the section you want to see that's edited.

It uses F9-12 keybinds by default. So immediately find better key-binds as these are used often in other games.

It's frustrating to record a gameplay with. You have a QUE sound when you press F11 to begin recording instead of a light. This has a bad design since you don't know if you're recording your desktop or the game itself.

The Recording Sound cues for both On/Off Lag. So that means you're forced to use the video editor to edit out the time you hit the F12 key to stop recording and the time it took for the Que Recording sound to actually work.

Still better to use Audacity for commentate/recordings because of it's sound functions. Just mute your mic in the options.

Got a separate external hard drive for recording as well. Only it keeps defaulting to my internal hard drive.

The lag is most annoying. Aside from that, It's pretty intuitive and easy to use. Also they have a guide +1.

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Guest By Lag I meant during editing btw. I experience to lag at all IN-GAME. It's pretty sweet about that. Though since you don't know 100% if you're recording you game and you decide to Alt-Tab out to see, well... Then 1. You just screwed yourself and will have to edit it using the laggy editing software. 2. Depending on the game, You just crashed it. So Take it how you will. Still learning ways to better optimize it since I've bought a license anyways.

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