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SmartPixel is a very complete screen capture and recording tool
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SmartPixel is a very complete screen capture and recording tool. It consists of two separate applications: SmartPixel Camera and SmartPixel Producer. The former deals with the actual screen capture process, while the latter functions as a video editor that lets you give the final touches to your captured footage before sharing it. Both these utilities can be used independently from the other. In other words, you can open videos into Producer that were not recorded with SmartPixel Camera, and you can use another editor with your recorded videos if you want to.

SmartPixel Camera lets you capture your screen and video from a webcam. It also works with D3D games, so sharing your gameplay is done quite easily with this app. Your whole screen can be captured or you can choose a region. When you do this, a red square will appear on the screen, and you can move it and adjust it to the area that you want to record.

There is a small control window in the bottom-left corner of the screen from where you can change recording settings and preview the area of the screen to be recorded. This window can be switched to the mini view so that it takes even less space.

An interesting feature is what is called PIP, or picture in picture. This allows you to record your screen and webcam at the same time. It is ideal for gameplay recordings, in which you will see the gameplay and your own image in the same video once it is exported.

The SmartPixel Producer is a very complete editor and it is easy to use. You simply need to import your video to get started, and from the toolbar at the bottom, you will be able to cut your video, add subtitles, audio and dub to it, and change its speed and add effects.

SmartPixel can be used for free, but there will be a watermark in your exported videos. You can buy either the Camera or Producer modules separately to eliminate any restrictions from the free version.

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  • Very complete suite.
  • It supports game recording.
  • PIP mode is great


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Lily Thomas

Lily Thomas This program won't let me fine tune my video. It only allows you to delete a 30 second period. It also won't pause when I tell it to. I click pause, it keeps recording when it says it's paused. I'm a new YouTuber, and it's not working for me. I admit I'm a rookie with tech but thought this was simple.

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Guest Thanks for mentioning the watermark, may be, I should try another software.

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Guest It's a nice program. Maybe it does not contain spyware,
maybe it is spyware as it remotely took my valid license code and reset it to a 5-minute trial!
They also put a link in the program offering to exchange for a new license code,
but the SmartPixel website failed to deliver a new code!

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Guest It's frustratingly laggy. The preview function for the editing screen will buffer the entire video before actually jumping to the section you want to see that's edited.

It uses F9-12 keybinds by default. So immediately find better key-binds as these are used often in other games.

It's frustrating to record a gameplay with. You have a QUE sound when you press F11 to begin recording instead of a light. This has a bad design since you don't know if you're recording your desktop or the game itself.

The Recording Sound cues for both On/Off Lag. So that means you're forced to use the video editor to edit out the time you hit the F12 key to stop recording and the time it took for the Que Recording sound to actually work.

Still better to use Audacity for commentate/recordings because of it's sound functions. Just mute your mic in the options.

Got a separate external hard drive for recording as well. Only it keeps defaulting to my internal hard drive.

The lag is most annoying. Aside from that, It's pretty intuitive and easy to use. Also they have a guide +1.

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Guest By Lag I meant during editing btw. I experience to lag at all IN-GAME. It's pretty sweet about that. Though since you don't know 100% if you're recording you game and you decide to Alt-Tab out to see, well... Then 1. You just screwed yourself and will have to edit it using the laggy editing software. 2. Depending on the game, You just crashed it. So Take it how you will. Still learning ways to better optimize it since I've bought a license anyways.

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